Damar Wulan Waterfall Nature Tourism Destination Jember East Java

Damar Wulan Waterfall Nature Tourism Destination Jember East JavaDamar Wulan Waterfall Nature Tourism Destination Jember East Java

For the waterfall hunter, this time I want to give you information about tourist Attraction in Jember East Java. This place is a great natural tourist attractions. you can enjoy the beauty of waterfalls and green trees around him. If you are a nature lovers, here is the right choice to choose as tour on your day with friends or your family. this place located in Ledokombo district, Jember Regency East Java. To get this place, you need about 1 hour from downtown jember, form Ledokombo you can be passed by using four wheels, but you can get sensation will be more challenged when using a motorcycle, 1 kilometer before reaching the waterfall, can only be passed by two wheels, because the road to go through is still nature through the stretch of rice fields owned by residents while enjoying the green rice plants and bird song morning 

This Waterfall is located in Salak Hamlet, Sumber Salah Village, District Ledokombo, Jember Regency East Java. at the tourist attraction waterfall "Damar Wulan" you just pay 2000 rupiahs to park your motorcycles. 

The Story Behind the Name of Damar Wulan Jember Waterfall
Damar Wulan some people of East Java, Damar is a central figure in East Java where he was a village boy who was able to defeat the king of blambangan (Minak Jinggo) according tothe story that village Sumbersalak is the birth Damar Wulan precisely in Hamlet Paluombo it is also strengthened by the presence of several sites and padepokan paloombo residence in still well maintaned. Due to the existence of a site that is close enough to the location of the waterfall so created the name of waterfall damar wullan which now becomes an attractive destination and very comfortable to visit especially for those of you who like adventure. 

Location/Address Damar Wulan Waterfall
Damar Wulan Waterfall is located in Salam hamlet, SumberSalak Village, Ledokombo district, Jember Regency, East Java, Indonesia. its location is not too far from jember city center, about 35  Km, waterfall charm is quite unique not a few who say its beauty Similar to the Niagara Falls in America, but this waterfall is not as wide as Niagara, many people call mini Niagara.

Entrance Ticket
to enter the waterfall, you only need to pay 3000 rupiahs to parking your motorcycle

Happy Exploring and Learning from Nature

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