BeeJay Bakau Resort (BJBR) Mangrove Ecotourism Park - Probolinggo East Java

BeeJay Bakau Resort (BJBR) Mangrove Ecotourism Park - Probolinggo East Java

Hello good Travelers. This time I want to share information about tourist destination can you visit with your family. BeeJay Bakau resort (BJBR) is Mangrove ecotourism that provides a variety of exciting entertainment. Mangrove Ecotourism with facilities: White sand beach with water games, Water Boom, Flyingfox, Cafe, Sari Laut Restaurant and Bungalow at Fishery Harbor Mayangan - Probolinggo City, East Java - Indonesia.

BeeJay Bakau Resoft (BJBR) is a mangrove ecotourism park located in probolinggo city, occupying an area of 89 hectars, you can also walk leisurely of cycling on cycling track / trail wooden bridge along 1350 m2 will continue 2800 m2. Enjoy BJBR Mangrove Ecotourism with family, friends, spouses and relations. We look forward to welcoming you to BeeJay Bakau Resoft Town of Probolinggo.

Ticket Price Weekday (Mon-Fri) 15.000 rupiahs, Weekend (Saturday-Sunday/ National Holiday) 40.000 rupiahs.


1. Majengan Bakau Beach
White sands covered 8000 m2 with sea water and artificial islands ready to play various water games children can play sand to form a variety of sand buildings while parents can rest in the saung-saung family available on the beach. Water bikes, canoes and hand boats you can walk around the MBB beach.

Various kinds of marine life can be in touch pool you can also see the turtle attraction every day at 5 pm. Majang Bakau Beach can be an alternative wedding reception / preweeding, Goup gathering or Company.
BeeJay Bakau Resort (BJBR) Mangrove Ecotourism Park - Probolinggo East Java

2. Cafe Tenda
BeeJay Bakau Resort also provides the facility of a romantic place that you normally use for your meeting with your partner will feel romantic accompanied by the music and the cool breeze of the beach breeze. Various kinds of snacks such as: Fried siomay, Fries, Fried Brains, Bakpau and all kins of beverages: The Tenda Cafe located next to Majang Bakau Beach (Probolinggo Beach) which gives the feel of a natural white sand beach that serves a variety of tradition food.

Here you can enjoy a meal while sitting by watching various water rides (Waterboom, Single Canoe, double Canoe, hand boat, and water bike) and you can also see the attractions of turtles, sharks and water splash. in there you get a different atmosphere with other cafes.

Not Only that you can play a variety of free games that have been provided at Cafe Tenda BJBR suchas: chess, billiard, dart board and live karaoke free for you. Special day Saturday afternoon until 8 pm live music band. Cafe tent is obviously different from other cafes for that cuss only come directyl only in BJBR Probolinggo (Fishing Harbor Street Mayangan - Probolinggo East Java) prima donna tour.

BeeJay Bakau Resort (BJBR) Mangrove Ecotourism Park - Probolinggo East Java

3. rest-O-tent
Where to eat a variety of seafood and mangrove treatments under a giant tent with four magnificent domes over tidal beaches amongst the beauty of the mangrove forest. The tented marine sari restaurant with four shoots of the dome, this unique rest-O-tent serves a variety of seafood dishes. Rest-O-tent is open form 10.00 wib - 21.00 wib. last order at 22.00 wib with special Live Music facility for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

You Can enjoy: crab, shellfish, squid, shrimp, fish, family, friends, colleagues or business realtionships. Various kinds of drinks such as Juice Kedondong, oranges, avocados, tailings, melon, watermelon, dragon fruit and various fruit variations. There are also hot drinks and soft drinks. We also probide: Brownies, cookies, rollcakes made form mangrove flour.

BeeJay Bakau Resort (BJBR) Mangrove Ecotourism Park - Probolinggo East Java

4. Bungalow BJBR
A lodge built of 90% coconut wood stands on a tidal coast between the mangroves. Enjoy a different atmosphere with a sea view like staying on a yacht that is chasing prey, crab emerges form his dark hole, bird king fisher bird fluttered up, Ambushed the fish trapped in the shrinking coastal water. For those of you who want to enjoy the atmosphere of mangroves, BJBR available in a comfortable bungalow to stay with your loved ones with an area of 6m x 6m which has the same facilites and compliment just different in the view and its setting only. There are 2 types of bungalows in BJBR Probolinggo: 

Junior Suites (7 units)
View Bungalow overlooking the open sea at a price of 081.750 rupiahs, -Nett
Exceutive (3 units)
View Bungalow overlooks Mangrove / Bakau at 693.000 rupiahs, -Nett
Extra Bed per unit 231.000,-Net

Facilities Junior Suite  Executive:
  • Full AC 2 PK
  • Single Bed king size
  • TV 32 Inc
  • Indovision Tv Channel
  • Baygon Mosquito Spray
  • Living Room
  • Call PABX
  • Bathroom inside PDAM
  • Hot Water Cold Shower wear
  • Hitter Water Heater
  • Cofee & Tea Sachet
  • Mirror & Ornamental Chair / Make up

BeeJay Bakau Resort (BJBR) Mangrove Ecotourism Park - Probolinggo East Java

BJBR Probolinggo has a large parking area, where motor vehicles and cars area placed separately. Capacity For Parking can accommodate 200 4 wheel vehicles and 400 2 Wheel vehicles.

If you are interseted in spending holidays with family in BJBR please come and provide enough budget so you can enjoy the various facilities availble at the venue. 

Thanks From us, Happy Holidays and Learning From nature

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