Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Jember East Java

Good morning guys, now I want to share information about Top 5 Tourist Attraction in Jember East Java.  if you like to Traveler and hunting fovorite place of interest, especially in the area of Jember East Java following some tourist attractions that you visit. This tourist place in the form of natural attractions, beaches, waterfalls or a fun swimming pool rides. Tour tickets are also affordable. Here is a list of favorite tourist attractions in jember East Java

1. Papuma Beach (Pasir Putih Malikan Beach)

One of highlight when you traveling to Jember, East Java. Located at the southern part of Jember district, about 30 km. Hiddeninside mountainous area, this little beach is worth to visit, either for a family trip or nature lover. The sandy part suitable for family vaction, on the other side, the rocky part is match for nature lover.

Tanjung papuma located in southern part of jember about 45 minutes from local airport of Jember. This place has three fantastic spots: Papuma Beach, Payangan Beach (Teluk Cinta), and Watu Ulo Beach. if you come form outside the area and have never reached this place you can use some transportation access like car and moterbike or taxi. Land transportation is only way to go here (renting car, uber or Taxi). Perhaps renting a car is more efficient than others person. but if you like the challenge of driving using a motor cycle would be more fun. and I recomend for you to visit this place in the moring or afternoon, because also you could set a tent for camping. Local dinners offer food and drink but mainly is seafood. Surfing is prohibited here because this spot is rocky.

Because Tanjung Papuma Beach have romantic atmosphere that is presented not a few couples who spend their honeymoon in this southern beach tour. However, families who are being carried away with their extended family is not less. Well, usually the main thing for families who want to travel in groups is the price of admission. The good news, the entrance to the beach is quite affordable.

Admission Ticket Days: 7.000 rupiahs
Entrace Ticket Day: 17.000 rupiahs
2 wheel parking: 1000 rupiahs
4 Wheel Parking: 6000 rupiahsgrtsq
Note: the price of admission can vary from any time

2. Payangan Beach (Spot: Puncak Seribu Janji, Puncak Asmara, Teluk Love)

Favorite tourist spot in Jember is Payangan Beach. Spots names on this beach are: Peak of a thousand Janji (Puncak Seribu Janji), the peak of romance (Puncak Asmara), Love bay ( Teluk Love). if you the tourists either local tourists of foreign tourists if you visit in jember you must be visit this sights. Payangan Beach is located in hamlet payangan village semberejo Ambulu district Jember East Java, this tour has 4 beaches, 3 hills and hills and 1 island, spot which becom favorite in this place is Love Bay (Teluk Love) because almost shaped love. The Distance between the hill by hill is quite far but for ou the true travelers must be bery pelasant. To Climb up the hill you pay 5000 rupiahs as money to cleanliness.

Admission Ticket: 5000 rupiahs

3. Dira Park ( The Most Comprehensive family tour in jember)

if you want to enjoy vacation with family in jember there are already family attractions that have many rides to play. Especially for those of you who have children this place is fitting place to you visit with your family. This tourist location is located in Pontang Village Ambulu District Jember Regency or about 24 Kilometers south of Jember City. Dira park Ambulu tourism object is one of the most complete family tourism destinations for Ambulu and surrounding communities. Tourists who come the location of the tour can also dirctly shoping to buy souvenirs for families at home.

Rides in Dira Park
Dira Park in operation from 08.00 to 18.00 Wib with the current ticket price is 10.00 rupiahs/Person, Where in addition to thereis indoor and outdoor pool there are also many rides that can give statisfaction on your vacation, while for ticket per vehicle is 5000 / person.

- Colombus
in this columbus rides visitors are challenged courage to test the adrenaline, for those who have great courage we are sure there will be a special satisfaction form the rides that we presents this.

- Flayer (Play Carousel)
In this vehicle visitors do not need to test the adreanaline, because the flayer or merry -go-round is only presents the conveniece of visitors, the capacity of the basket there are 16 that can be climbed by 2 people from each basket.

- Indoor Swimming Pool
Indoor Swimming Pool is intended for teenagers andadults, this is because the depth of the pond water reaches 160 cm, but for the safty and comfort for our visitors has placed a pool rescue workers scattered around pool.

- water Bike
Water Bike rides will give a very deep impression for visitors because in this vehicle in addition to getting entertainment visitors will also be required to exercise in running it.

- Parking Area
- Hall
- Gazebo
- Canteen

4. Sukorambi Botanical Garden

if you like education tours, here are the sights can you visit. Sukorambi Botanical Garden is botanical garden located in sukorambi Jember Regency East Java Indonesia. Some 7 Kilometres (4.3 mi) West of Jember City. Botanical Garden have 8 hectares (20 acres) garden is located on a slope with the lowest point some 100 metres above sea level. The top and bottom are connected by both a staicase and footpath, the latter of which can also be used to convey visitors by motorcycle. Taman Botani is best for people like walking and swimming. They have polls for every ages. Kids and adults. My Family and I Enjoy bush walking and climb the steps up and down around exploring the wooden park like miniatur of tropical rain forest. The only less features we need is good, representative restaurant with good food. So my suggestions to bring food, drinks, and picnic mat.

There are 4 swimming pool facilites in the area under this park. 1 Adult Swimming pool, 1 Childrens pool at the bottom of the adult pool, a rainbow swimming pool at the rear and a muslim swimming pool at the very end of the park. At the back of the sukorambi Botanical Garden there is a gazebo to relax while reading a book that you can borrow in the botanical library or you can also read in the tree house. The Restaurant is beside the adult pool and rainbow pool that you can visit for sympathy or choice of food after a weary adventure in Sukorambi Botanic Garden.

5. Tiara Park (Waterboom) Jember 

The Exciting Ride at Tira Water Park
This tiara waterpark bathing tour has a variety of exciting rides complete enough like Bianglala Rides, Boat Swing Rides, Playground pool, fountain pool, sport pool, pool race bowl, outbound and many other wahans that can make the visitors entertained and feel at home long in the tour. Other than in this waterpark tiara there is also a playground equipped with some interesting rides, for ATV motor charged its own.

In addition tiara waterpark jember also has other baths tour which is also close to the ity center such as the Kebon Agung swimming pool bath and botanical garden of jember.

Entrance Price Tiara Water Park Jember
For the price of entrance ticket this tiara swimming pool visitors are charged 25.000 rupiahs and for students get discount 20%.

Tiara Waterpark Facilities
For facilites in this tiara tour no need to worry again, for public facilites is complete enough at the tourist site there is also a culinary zone that provides a variety of food and beverage dishes.
Happy Exploring and Learning from Nature

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